Nigerian Foods Exporting Company

Feco foods Industries limited is one of the leading Nigerian foods exporting company located in Lagos, Nigeria. We concentrate on the following commodities both whole and packaged Nigerian raw food items (foodstuff products):

We Export the Products Both Whole or Packaged (private labeling) Depending on Our Customer’s Specification

We export the following products:

Beans and Grains Soup Condiments Nigerian Spices Dried Vegetables Others
White garri Melon seeds (Egusi) Nigerian curry powder Ugu leaf Dried Ukwa
Ijebu garri Dika nuts (Ogbono) Banga spice Bitter leaf Dried Ugba
Yellow garri Palm oil Pepper soup spice Scent leaf Abacha
Yam flour Crayfish Nkwobi spice Uziza leaf Bitter kola nut
Plantain flour Cameroon pepper Suya spice Okazi leaf Raw Cashew nuts
Ofada rice Hot Chili pepper Thyme Atama leaf Roasted cashew nuts
Honey beans Achi Nsala spice Ewedu leaf Roasted groundnuts
Blacked eye beans Ofor Ogiri Okpei Oha leaf Roasted Ukwa
Brown beans Dried Okra Dried Iru   Alligator pepper
Cassava fufu Ukpo Uziza seeds   Igbo kola nuts
Dried pap Akparata Ehuru   Hausa kola nuts
Beans flour Cocoyam powder Orima   Alum
Peeled beans Osu Sukuli   Ring nzu
  Prawns Ajasa   Eko
  Dried fish Bush onion   Salted nzu
  Shawa fillets Omilo   Unsalted nzu
  Bonga fillets Gbafilo   Uro
  Stockfish Prekese   Akanwu
  Dried mushrooms Gloves   Shea butter
  Periwinkle (Isam) Prekese   Sesame seeds
    Ginger   Moringa seeds
    Dawa dawa    

About Our Food Export Products

The Products supplied by us are procured/contractually manufactured from the reliable source of the market that makes us assure their high quality.

Today, we are a respected name in the field of exports for multiple Nigerian origin commodities. In export sectors our products meet international standards with competitive prices and we have the capacity for bulk quantities supplies. We are interested in establishing long time business relationship with overseas companies.

Feco foods assures for the “Best Quality, Competitive Price, Regular Supply & Timely Delivery”

Why Us?

  • Quick Response within 24 hrs. on Enquiry
  • To Provide Best Competitive Market Price
  • Best Quality
  • Timely Delivery
  • Capable for Bulk Quantity Supplies
  • Transparent business dealings
  • Wide Network
  • Team of Professionals
  • Complete satisfaction guaranteed

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