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We Lead among food packaging companies in Lagos

Feco Foods Packaging Service

As one of the leading food packaging companies in Lagos. We can supply quality foodstuff, process, brand and package to fit your target market, go to great lengths to promote and protect your brands.

When searching for good packaging companies in Lagos for your African foodstuff, it’s very important you note that packaging sells the product the first time, but it’s what’s inside that sells the package the second time. It becomes necessary to focus on the quality product at it’s best packaging!

food packaging companies in lagos

Our Supplies, Branding and Packaging features:

Product Pack Sizing, Creative Graphic Design, Offset Printing, Branded Nylon Supplies, Beautiful & Quality Nylon Wraps, Quality Labels designed with NAFDAC and FDA standards, Nylon Packs, PET Jars Supplies, PET Bottles Supplies, Shrink Sleeves, Aluminum Foil/Wads and Sealing, Shrink Wrapping, Tamper Proofs, Cartons, Barcode Design, QR Codes Design, Manufacturing and Expiring Dates Coding etc.

We select the right style of packaging for your African food product, create stunning branded graphics, write the perfect message that will attract your target audience, and print your package!

As one of the leaders among food packaging companies in Lagos, this is our checklist :

  • What is your product (African food product)?
  • What is your product’s market? How big is it? Is it a growth market or is it crammed with similar products?
  • What is your budget?
  • How is your product distinguishable from others in the market?
  • What is your market? Is it specialized or very broad? Does the market understand your product?
  • How do you need to prepare? Do you have costs? Do you have contacts?
  • What is the volume needed to make this product viable (expected and projected)?
  • Who is going to purchase your African food product?
  • How your product will stand out numerous brands in the market?
  • What are your competitors doing well, and, just as importantly, what are they doing poorly?
  • Is your product shelf stable, or are there special handling requirements that need to take into account?
  • How are you going to produce your product? Are you going to manufacture it yourself or are you going to have a private company manufacture it for you?

This is a very important checklist among food packaging companies in Lagos which our packaging services will offer you the best.

Not only we are the best among food packaging companies in Lagos, we also supply quality foodstuff products at competitive prices

Our Supplies are:

  • Ready to Cook African food Items
  • Organic African food Products
  • Our African food products are Free of Aflatoxins
  • Free of Scarlet Red (Colourants)
  • 100% Natural
  • Pest and Insects Free
  • Free from Dust and Dirts
  • Quality Products at Competitive Prices.
  • Low Prices on Wide Range of African Food Products.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Safe and Secured Transactions.
  • 100% Returnable

 We guarantee all our partners, quality African food products at highly competitive prices always.

Your brand name, your logo, and your packaging is the first impression of your company that customers see, so it’s critical to get it right.  Is your company and your products communicating what you want ?

Our catchy label designs feature:

  • Trade Name
  • Logo
  • List of Ingredients
  • Nutrient Content Claim
  • Nutrition Facts Table
  • Product’s Weight
  • Manufacturer’s Info
  • Artwork/Image
  • Functional Barcode
  • UPC/EAN Number
  • Quick Response Code (QR Code)
  • Serving Size
  • Directions/ Suggestions
  • Country of Origin
  1. Focus on Sales and Marketing of Your African food Brands
  2. We handle the Stress of Finding Best Quality and Uncontaminated African food Products
  3. More Control Over Pricing, Marketing, Sales and Distribution.
  4. Kick Out Your Competitors Using Our Pack Sizing and Price Control Strategies
  5. Reduced Operational Costs
  6. Focus on Core Business
  7. Increased Productivity
  8. Reach the Market with Your Brands, Build Businesses that will Stand for Your Children and Love Ones
  9. We Take Care of the Entire Production Process.
  10. Get the Custom Styles Customers Are Looking for In Stock
  11. Harder for Competitors to Match and Price Check Your Products
  12. Local Sourcing and Handpicked African food Items
  13. Create Your Own Unique Image, Which Begets a Marketing Identity and Promotes Stronger Customer Recognition and Loyalty
  14. Th Packaging and Labels Are Tailored to Meet Your Specifications
  15. We Take the Cooperation with You as Our Partner Seriously.
  16. Get Updated on All the Latest Trends in The African food Market
  17. Get Your Business Online for Free
  18. Free Responsive Ecommerce Website for Your African food store
  19. Free Search Engine Optimization
  20. We Create Professional Facebook Page for Your Business
  21. Free Digital Media Audits
  22. Free Digital Marketing Services
  23. We Help You Target Your Market (Customer Base)
  24. Optimize Your Business Location on Google My Business and Yelp


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